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Shikhara - the Pinnacle of Knowledge, carries forward the rich legacy of Sri Vidyanjali School in Kukatpally. It is conceived with the need for quality education, in bringing up children of character and the citizens of responsible disposition.

Imparting education, for more than two decades has given us the acumen of selecting curriculum that is high in standard and rich in diversity. Ideal teacher-student ratio, frequent one-on-one interaction with the students and ample participation opportunities are what makes our education method so effective.

We believe in a wholesome growth of children in mind and body. Apart from classroom teaching, we encourage active involvement in extracurricular activities and strengthening of moral values early in the life of the young minds. Our efforts are towards making responsible citizens of tomorrow.

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Middle School is a supportive community that champions respect.

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Education is a wholesome conglomeration of literacy, spiritual and temporal growth. It broadens the horizons, zeal and zest for life, fosters an understanding of the world, and inculcates empathy for people.


Our vision is to be among the top names of the Schools that impart value education.


Our Mission is to bring up children with the right attitude towards life and become the embodiment of all the higher values of life through our educational system.


  • Interactive classroom Learning
  • Activity methods of Learning
  • Focus on personality development through various skill based programs
  • Social awareness programs
  • Attitude Building with short stories and proverbs
  • An ideal Teacher/Student ratio
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Methods of Learning

shikhara school bowrampet preschool


At preschool level (Nursery, L.K.G & U.K.G) we follow activity method of teaching and learning.

we have six basic tools at our disposal for teaching and learning.

1. Conversation

2. Story

3. Rhyme

4. Game

5. Creativity

6. Readiness

shikhara school bowrampet Lower primary

Lower Primary

This is the formative stage for reading, writing and basic arithmetics. Phonic training with innumerable activities make reading and writing enjoyable. Mathematics is not just about numbers, it's about understanding. We encourage learning by doing which gives perfect understanding of mathematical concepts.

shikhara school bowrampet upperprimary

Upper Primary

The seeds sown in the lower primary level starts growing into green plants here. This is the stage for extra supplementing and reinforcement of old concepts. This happens with multiple activities like dramatization, music, art and hands on learning aids. The various disciplines of classes 3, 4 and 5 are 1st Language, 2nd language, English, Math and E.V.S.

shikhara school bowrampet secondary


This is the stage where the foundation of high school concepts are given while strengthening the basics. Here, we believe the idea 'Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember, Involve me and I learn'. We involve the children in the process of learning by understanding the innate intelligence of the child. The disciplines of classes 6, 7 & 8 are 1st language, 2nd language, English, Math, Science and Social Science.

shikhara school bowrampet highschool

High School

This is the stage where higher concepts are built on strong foundation. We get the children ready to face the existing competition in the world outside. Learning by doing is maintained for final shaping of the child.