Infrastructure - The Campus

Spacious and splendid campus of Shikhara provides a wonderful environment for children while growing up in their golden age. Well ventilated classrooms with generous seating arrangement provides the right ambience for learning. Each classroom is equipped with a cognitive centre, classroom library and smartboard. The campus is monitored with CCTV cameras to ensure the security of students.

Audio Visual Learning

The School building houses audio-visual equipment in all the classrooms to enrich interactive classroom teaching. The School also has an audio-visual hall with the most modern AV equipment and a seating capacity of over 200. The hall shares its use with workshops, parent meetings, indoor games, competitions and in-school programs.

Well Equipped Playground

Lush green campus of two and a half acres has a large playground for sports and games. It also has separate basketball, tennis, football and multipurpose courts. Running track, skating rink and cricket pitch are also available. All students are encouraged for outdoor activities. Those taking special interest and a knack for any of the sport is coached properly and given opportunities for inter school competitions.

Student Teacher Ratio

We believe that every child is unique and so is valuable for us. We believe that there should be an ideal teacher student ratio for keen individual attention on every child. To maintain an ideal teacher student ratio we have two teachers till the primary wing. This comes to a maximum of 13 to 15 children for every teacher.

Hands On Learning

The Objective here is to educate through direct experience of the set programme, which will bring the child into much closer contact with the natural environs, the teacher, with the process of learning and thus imbibing the knowledge.

Safe Transport

School provides transport facility to students who opt to avail. The routes are well defined and bus makes rounds in a time bound manner at destinated stops. Our bus drivers are well mannered and drive responsibly. Parents are adviced to fill up appropriate forms for respective routes and submit along with application form at the school office for availing transport services.